All you need to know about commercial dishwashers

For restaurants, one of the essential appliances is commercial dishwashers. With this said, it’s only sensible that choosing commercial dishwashers should be a top priority for any hospitality business.

Commercial dishwashers come in all sizes, shapes, features, and brands. The choice of commercial dishwashers is determined by the size of the venue, the needs of the business, and the budget.

Knowing the different types of commercial dishwashers and their features should be a great start before anything else. This includes:

Utensil dishwasher

Kitchen bowls, pans, pots, large containers, and utensils are easily cleaned and sanitised by a utensil dishwasher. Having this type of washer on top of a commercial dishwasher is always an advantage for any restaurant business.

Under-bench or under-counter dishwasher

The under-bench or under-counter dishwasher, known also as a front loader, benefits small hospitality businesses such as pubs or bars. The faster wash cycle provided by this type of dishwasher ensures clean and sanitised dishes in less than an hour of washing. However, allowing only one rack at a time in washing dishes could make this type of dishwasher unsuitable for large and busy restaurants.

Pass-through or hood dishwasher

Aptly named, the hood or pass-through dishwasher features a hood that needs to be lifted to slide in or out racks of dishes. The dishwasher becomes an effective tool when it is placed on a flat surface on both sides. The automatic operation of this model ensures the washing of dirty dishes as soon as the hood is closed.

Some models feature an automatic hood-up as soon as the washing is done. Convenience and quick washing are the top features of this dishwashing model. Being placed on a flat surface prevents one from bending down to load or unloads dishes. The big racks can bring on a constant washing cycle, making it a must-have for any big and busy hospitality business.


Washing glassware such as tumblers, wine glasses, and pint glasses are better suited for a glass washer. All types of fragile glassware are protected during the washing with less water pressure used by the machine. Yet, the machine is robust enough to withstand the requirements of high commercial temperatures. Bars and pubs gain a big advantage when opting to add a glass washer together with a standard dishwasher.


Features to look for in a commercial dishwasher


The wide variety of dishwasher types and models out on the market can make the choice overwhelming. Yet, understanding the options and features provided by dishwashing models helps determine the right one for your needs and budget.

Cycle time

Under 120 seconds rapid cycle is the usual feature of many commercial dishwashers. However, there are dishwasher models that feature faster washing cycles. A commercial kitchen that needs faster dishwashing should do well with choosing a dishwasher offering faster than 120 seconds rapid cycle.

Weight and size

The size and needs of a commercial kitchen are the determinants of the choice of a commercial dishwasher. Big dishwashers such as pass-throughs and conveyors need a lot of height and width space. The height of benches should also be double-checked to ensure the right fit for a front-loading dishwasher. Adequate space should also be considered to make room for drainage and hoses.

When space is limited, opting for a compact commercial dishwasher provides the best solution.

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